متخصصون في تصميم وتركيب الأبواب الداخلية والخارجية بالإضافة إلى غرف الملابس المقاومة للماء والنمل

الأبيض بأفضل معايير الجودة العالمية.


International Quality Standards

Eurodoor has built a proud reputation that has been rooted in successful fulfillment through the implementation of thousands of government and private projects with qualified technical cadres capable of implementing the most modern innovations.

Manufacture and installation of doors and wardrobes

Resistant to water and termites

3D Model Design

Our products

High quality

CustomBuilt cabinets.

Euro Doors are very economical, as their life span is four times the life span of wooden doors, and their prices are basically affordable for everyone, and they do not need periodic maintenance, as is usually the case with other doors.



WPC interior doors

WPC interior doors

PVC Cabinets

PVC Cabinets

Our working process

A business process or business method is a collection of related,
structured activities or tasks by people.

Site visit and measurement

Site visit and measurement

01 / Visit the site and register the initial measurements.

A Euro Door representative will make a first visit to the required site to take the dimensions of the doors and cabinets to be customized before installing the floors.

Choose the design and color

Choose the design and color

02 / Choose the design and color and obtain an electronic copy of the quotation.

Upon choosing the design and color and approving the quotation, the order is made and then production and raw materials are processed in the factory.

Record the final sizes

Record the final sizes

03 / Preview the site and record the final sizes.

Upon completion of all the technical workshop work on site, a Euro Door representative will make another visit to inspect the site after installing the floors and taking the final measurements.

Supply and installation

Supply and installation

04 / Supply and installation.

Read more : The manufacturing process is completed within the specified period, and the site’s readiness is ensured, all the way to the supply and then installation.


Eurodoor’s doors and wardrobes are designed to last for long life at affordable prices.

Our products carry a lifetime warranty against water and termites and five years against manufacturing and installation defects, whether the doors are internal or external.

We are committed to continuously improving our products and establishing Eurodoor as a quality leader in doors and wardrobes manufacturing.

100% water resistant

100% Termite resistant

Resistant to rotting and cracking

does not require periodic maintenance

Re-dyeable and Eco-friendly

Effective sound and heat insulation

Resistant to all environmental conditions

Excellent scratch resistance and easy handling


Eurodoor products make an effective contribution
to the protection of the environment.


We don’t cut trees.

We don’t use raw wood.

We do not contribute to the desertification of the world.

We do not contribute to the destruction of the world’s forests.

As a reult:
We use WOOD PLASTIC COMPOSITE and FIBERGLASS technology made from sustainable and renewable materials.

Eurodoor products do not contain harmful chemicals or preservatives.

Eurodoor products include recycled and reusable materials.

Eurodoor products are used as an alternative to natural wood, which contributes to reducing the destruction of the world's forests.

Eurodoor products prevent the presence of bacteria, fungi and mold, which contributes to protecting the environment and public health.


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