Eurodoor has employed all the engineering capabilities and various modern technologies in the manufacture of doors and wardrobes resistant to water and termites with the best international quality standards.

We constantly aspire to develop our products to be a leader in the manufacture of wooden doors, cabinets and kitchens in the Arab Gulf and the Middle East.

Eurodoor has built a proud reputation that has been rooted in successful fulfilment through the implementation of thousands of government and private projects with qualified technical cadres capable of implementing the most modern innovations.

Factory Technology and Manufacturing Mechanism

Eurodoor uses the latest high-pressure moulding equipment and technology to create high strength and durable fiberglass panels without any bending or ripple and for an infinite period.

The manufacturing process starts with assembling the raw materials and mixing them with special additives that give it high efficiency in resisting all the environmental and climatic conditions of our region. Then comes the stage of fixing the color on the product in two ways:

Thermal coating with PVC veneer, which gives our products the wooden look and color, represented by WPC interior doors and wardrobes.

Paint that is resistant to fading and peeling, as our products are painted with high-quality paints that give the doors' exterior a modern and elegant touch in terms of combining the shape and texture of natural wood away from the defects of wooden doors, represented by FIBERGLASS exterior doors.

The manufacturing process ends with an intensive audit of the product in order to verify its compliance with the required specifications, to be finally installed by the best specialized technicians under direct administrative supervision.

3D Model Design

No doubt sometimes choosing the perfect door design may take time.
Get a 3D design of your favourite door when your request is approved within our showrooms in Dubai.