Manufacture and installation of doors and wardrobes

Eurodoor products enter several stages, starting from the production of materials, through manufacturing, and ending with installation, where the order is fulfilled according to simple steps

Visit the site and register the initial measurements.

Eurodoor representatives will make a first visit to the site required to measure the doors and wardrobes that are wanted to be customized before installing the floors.

Choose the design and colour and obtain an electronic copy of the quotation.

Upon choosing the design, color and approving the quotation, the order is placed then the production and preparation of raw materials begin in the factory.

Choose the design and colour and obtain an electronic copy of the quotation.

Preview the site and register the final measurements.

Supply and installation.

The manufacturing process is completed within the specified period, and verify the site readiness, then the supply and installation.

Resistant to water and termites

The most important feature of Eurodoor's doors and dressing rooms is that they retain features that outperform natural wood doors thanks to their special components made from plastic and wood granules that prevent corrosion and rot caused by insects and termites. All Eurodoor products are guaranteed.

Our products are made of synthetic materials that have 0% saturation and evaporation rates and are characterized by 100% stability, as the pores inside are negligible, which increases their durability.

Our products are not affected by water and moisture, as they maintain their geometric shape without stretching or shrinking.

3D Model Design

No doubt sometimes choosing the perfect door design may take time.
Get a 3D design of your favourite door when your request is approved within our showrooms in Dubai.